Section 127

Powers of Registrar

In all proceedings under this Act before the Registrar,

(a) - the Registrar shall have all the powers of a civil court for the purposes of receiving evidence, administering oaths, enforcing the attendance of witnesses, compelling the discovery and production of documents and issuing commissions for the examination of witnesses;

(b) - the Registrar may, subject to any rules made in this behalf under section 157, make such orders as to costs as he considers reasonable, and any such order shall be executable as a decree of a civil court: Provided that the Registrar shall have no power to award costs to or against any party on an appeal to him against a refusal of the proprietor of a certification trade mark to certify goods or provision of services or to authorise the use of the mark;

(c) - the Registrar may, on an application made in the prescribed manner, review his own decision.

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