Section 33A

Tariff Scheme by copyright societies

1 - Every copyright society shall publish its tariff scheme in such manner as may be prescribed.

2 - Any person who is aggrieved by the tariff scheme may appeal to the Commercial Court and the Board may, it satisfied after holding such inquiry as it may consider necessary, make such orders as may be required to remove any unreasonable element, anomaly or inconsistency therein: Provided that the aggrieved person shall pay to the copyright society any fee as may be prescribed that has fallen due before making an appeal to the Commercial Court and shall continue to pay such fee until the appeal is decided, and the Board shall not issue any order staying the collection of such fee pending disposal of the appeal: Provided further that the Commercial Court may after hearing the parties fix an interim tariff and direct the aggrieved parties to make the payment according pending disposal of the appeal.

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