Section 37

Broadcast reproduction right

1 - Every broadcasting organisation shall have a special right to be known as �broadcast reproduction right� in respect of its broadcasts.

2 - The broadcast reproduction right shall subsist until twenty-five years from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the broadcast is made.

3 - During the continuance of a broadcast reproduction right in relation to any broadcast, any person who, without the licence of the owner of the right does any of the following acts of the broadcast or any substantial part thereof,

3(a) - re-broadcast the broadcast; or

3(b) - causes the broadcast to be heard or seen by the public on payment of any charges; or

3(c) - makes any sound recording or visual recording of the broadcast; or

3(d) - makes any reproduction of such sound recording or visual recording where such initial recording was done without licence or, where it was licensed, for any purpose not envisaged by such licence; or

3(e) - sells or given on commercial rental or offer for sale or for such rental, may such sound recording or visual recording referred to in clause (c) or clause (d).

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