Rule 101

Procedure to be followed in case of applications under section 88(4)

1 - If the Controller allows the application to be proceeded with, he shall direct the applicant to serve copies of the application and of the evidence in support thereof upon the patentee or any other person appearing in the register to be interested in the patent or upon any other person on whom, in his opinion such copies should be so served.

2 - The applicant shall inform the Controller the date on which the service of copies of application and of the evidence on the patentee and other persons referred to in sub-rule (1) has been effected.

3 - The patentee or any other person on whom copies of the application and of the evidence have been served, may give to the Controller notice of opposition in Form 14 within one month from the date of such service. Such notice shall contain the grounds relied upon by the opponent and shall be accompanied by evidence in support of the opposition.

4 - The opponent shall serve copies of the notice of opposition and his evidence on the applicant and inform the Controller the date on which such service has been effected.

5 - No further evidence or statement shall be filed by either party except with special leave of or on requisition by the Controller.

6 - On completion of the above proceedings, the Controller shall forthwith fix a date and the time for the hearing of the case and shall give the parties not less than ten days' notice of such hearing.

7 - The procedure specified in sub-rules (2) to (5) of rule 62 shall, so far as may be, apply to the procedure for hearing under this rule as they apply to the hearing in opposition proceedings.

8 - If the Controller decides to revise the terms and conditions of licence he shall forthwith amend the licence granted to the applicant in such manner, as he may deem necessary.

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