Section 53

Importation of infringing copies

1 - The owner of any right conferred by this act in respect of any work or any performance embodied in such work, or his duly authorised agent, may give notice in writing to be Commissioner of Customs, or to any other officer authorised in this behalf by the Central Board of Excise and Customs,

1(a) - that he is the owner of the said right, with proof thereof, and

1(b) - that he requests the Commissioner for a period specified in the notice, which shall not exceed one year, to treat infringing copies of the work as prohibited goods, and that infringing copies of the work are expected to arrive in India at a time and a place specified in the notice.

2 - The Commissioner, after scrutiny of the evidence furnished by the owner of the right and on being satisfied may, subject to the provisions of sub-section (3), treat infringing copies of the work as prohibited goods that have been imported into India, excluding goods in transit: Provided that owner of the work deposits such amount as the Commissioner may require as security having regard to the likely expenses on demurrage, cost of storage and compensation to the importer in case it is found that works are not infringing copies.

3 - When any goods treated as prohibited under sub-section (2) have been detained, the Customs Officer detaining them shall inform the importer as well as the person who gave notice under sub-section (1) of the such goods within forty-eight hours of their detention.

4 - The Customs Officer shall release the goods, and they shall not longer be treated as prohibited goods, if the person who gave notice under sub-section (1) does not produce any order from a court having jurisdiction as to the temporary or permanent disposal of such goods within fourteen days from the date of their detention.]

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