Rule 88

Register of patents under section 67

1 - Upon the grant of a patent, the Controller shall enter in the register of patents at each appropriate office, the name, address and nationality of the grantee as the patentee thereof, the title of the invention (including the categories to which the invention relates), the date of the patent and the date of grant thereof together with the address for service of the patentee.

2 - The Controller shall also enter in the register of patents particulars regarding proceedings under the Act before the Controller or Appellate Board or the courts in respect of every patent.

3 - Where the register of patents or any part thereof is in computer floppies, diskettes or any other electronic form it shall be maintained and accessed only by the person who is duly authorised by the Controller and no entry or alteration of any entry or rectification of any entry in the said register shall be made by any person who is not so authorised by the Controller.

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