Rule 9

Filing of documents and copies, etc.

1 - All documents and copies of the documents, except affidavits and drawings, filed with patent office, shall -

1(a) - be typewritten or printed in Hindi or English (unless otherwise directed or allowed by the Controller) in large and legible characters not less than 0.28 centimetre high with deep indelible ink with lines widely spaced not less than one and half spaced only upon one side of the paper;

1(b) - be on such paper which is flexible, strong, white, smooth, non-shiny, and durable of size A4 of approximately 29.7 centimetre by 21centimetre with a margin of at least 4 centimetre on the top and left hand part and 3 centimetre on the bottom and right hand part thereof;

1(c) - be numbered in consecutive Arabic numerals in the centre of the bottom of the sheet; and

1(d) - contain the numbering to every fifth line of each page of the description and each page of the claims at right half of the left margin.

2 - Any signature which is not legible or which is written in a script other than English or Hindi shall be accompanied by a transcription of the name either in Hindi or English in capital letters.

3 - In case, the application for patent discloses sequence listing of nucleotides or amino acid sequences, the sequence listing of nucleotides or amino acid sequences shall be filed in computer readable text format along with the application, and no print form of the sequence listing of nucleotides or amino acid sequences is required to be given.

4 - Additional copies of all documents shall be filed at the appropriate office as may be required by the Controller.

5 - Names and addresses of applicant and other persons shall be given in full together with their nationality and such other particulars, if any, as are necessary for their identification.

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